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Public Affairs

Engaging stakeholders is vital to an organization's success. Titanium understands that politicians and governments are often moved by the public and that engaging these stakeholders is vital to an organization's success. Titanium zealously advocates on our clients’ behalf to influence the right individuals and ensure our clients' interests are effectively met. Our collective wealth of local, national and global relationships assures clients access to key decision and policy makers at the highest levels. We not only work to build public affairs campaigns that affect politicians and government officials, but also strive to mobilize the public through traditional and new media.

Grasstops organizing

Grassroots organizing

Meetings with key decision makers

Earned media opportunities

Public Relations

Today more than ever organizations need to structure their internal and external communications and speak with one voice to the public and to the media. Titanium has a deep understanding of audience demographics and trends. We use both traditional and new media, as well as organize public events and community outreach efforts to convey the desired message. Any PR firm can generate visibility and awareness, but ultimately, genuine client satisfaction is driven by distinct “messaging” objectives that achieve tangible results. At Titanium, our range of relationships and experiences helps our clients leverage and align their two vital assets – their brand values and their reputation in the marketplace.

Brand identity

Media relations

Content marketing

Event planning

Niche Markets

Fast growing demographics, play a significant role in driving U.S. economic policy and political agendas. Titanium understands that these niche demographics are by no means a monolithic groups, driven by a singular agenda. Titanium develops tailored strategies to communicate with key demographics, taking into account the relevant cultural nuances. Our track record in the Hispanic and Jewish communities has been cultivated through long and meaningful relationships, gaining us with a deep understanding of Spanish, Jewish and English language outlets, that provide powerful vehicles to communicate with essential constituencies, and ensuring that the appropriate message is persuasively conveyed.

Hispanic Outreach

Jewish Outreach

Strategic Communication

Demographic Research