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What we do

Titanium Consulting Group, is a full-service public strategy firm with expertise in areas as diverse as its members.

Public Affairs

Titanium understands that politicians and governments are often influenced by the public and that engaging these stakeholders is vital to an organization's success.

Campaign Management

Titanium provides top-to-bottom organization of political campaigns, from contested political races to issue-based campaigns,

Public Relations

Today more than ever, organizations need to structure their internal and external communications in order to speak with one voice to the public and to the media.

Crisis Management

A public relations crisis often strikes at the most inopportune moment. Titanium crafts the appropriate narrative, providing a proactive, rather than reactive, approach that allows us to lead the discussion.

Niche Market

Fast growing demographics play a significant role in driving U.S. economic policy and political agendas. Titanium has experience and key intellectual capital in these niche markets.

Business Consulting

Developing a comprehensive, performance-based business strategy is crucial to starting or expanding any business, or simply to improving performance.

Sector Expertise

Truly inspired counsel begins with industry insight and in-depth knowledge of sector-specific issues that frame the current landscape. As industries evolve, we help clients maneuver through these changes and empower them to succeed.












Real Estate

Our Team

Our team draws from a wealth of experience in the political, legal and business arenas, finding innovative solutions for an ever-evolving marketplace.


Elnatan Rudolph


Elnatan has earned a reputation as an astute political consultant whose experience spans the country.


Tania Cruz


Tania is an experienced attorney thats focussed her practice on commercial and international litigation.

What clients say

Our success is measured by our client's satisfaction. Ultimately, their fullfillment is the benchmark that quantifies our ability to deliver.